rite, i went to my local guitar shop today and was in awe of the Martin they had in the window

i asked my mate (who owns/runs the store) and he said...

apparently there were only 6 of these types of Martin made, something about the designers got to design one special guitar of their own, something along those lines

so anywayz....5 of these one-off guitars have been found...and this one may be the 6th one apparently

they're waiting on an answer from Martin, who will probably have to send someone over to authenticate it.

if it is the real one and completing the set...its worth about £750,000 apparently

if not....about £3000 at the most

and they got it 'cause a guy came in wanting to sell it. they were kind enough to inform the guy about the situation though

so what you guys think? i just thought it might be of interest to the acoustic lovers in this part of UG, i'm not sure if the story is true, but maybe one of you guys could verify it, and maybe what u think? if its real or if u think it'll probably be a fake

sorry btw, i don't have a picture, but i can get one tomorrow

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a very ****ing lot
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Quote by shanerdoo
how much is that in USD?
about double, for USD and CDN

and that's really cool, man!
Sounds pretty cool. 750,000 squid seem like a lot even for a rare high quality Martin, I wonder who would pay such an exhorbatent price? I do hate seeing awesome guitars ending up in a collectors glass case never to be played though, it just seems un-natural and wrong.
i've actually hear of this before, but i don't know how true it is. and i never heard the figure so high as 1.4 million USD. that's crazy if it's true!! hopefully it is for your buddy's sake.
The big guitar companies do stuff like this with their designers quite often. They let everybody make 6 or 7 of a guitar and then the company looks at how good it sound, how durable is the designe, how does it look, and how much does it cost to make. The main reason guitars don't get put into production is because they cost a too much to make and the copany wouldn't be able to charge enough to make the guitar profitable. So statistically speaking this guitar is probably much nicer than your top of the line martin. It's too bad that the only people that have that kind of money to spend on guitars are collectors that keep them in glass cases.
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^yeh i agree

this guy had bought this guitar in 1967 apparently, im working on getting a picture from my mate, its so so nice, but they wouldn't let me play on it. the guys in the store themselves have though, but its in perfect condition, so im not sure how much its actually been played over the years

Do you have any idea what makes this guitar different from all the other martins? Is it materials? Body shape? Bracing layout?
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^to be quite honest i'm not sure myself

i got the facts slightly wrong in my first post...the guy got it in 1974, not '67

and they kno as much as it was a Canadian designer by the name of Zach that designed/made it

the guy i spoke to today said there's a slight chance that it may have been made in Martin's factory and using their tools without them knowing about it, 'cause apparently that's been known to happen a couple of times

here's the pictures i promised...sorry they're not great, theres a lot more detail on the gold parts (tail plate and tuners), and they're grover tuners...

apparently it's a similar kinda spec and pickups used as a Gibson L5

Thats really cool. Martin didn't do many archtops after they come up with their famouse X bracing for the flat top so any martin archtop is somewhat rare. I would sure like it if you could find out if the guitar is a solid top or laminate. It would also be nice to know if it's X bracing or if it's parallel bracing. I don't suppose you could feed my curiosity and find out???
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^i'll try my hardest to, i tried to get a picture of the serial number and label inside but i was only using my phone's camera so didn't turn out that great

that's a sweet looking guitar regardless of how much it's worth.

Quote by rob_larry01
^i'll try my hardest to, i tried to get a picture of the serial number and label inside but i was only using my phone's camera so didn't turn out that great


you took those pictures with the camera on your phone?!
I remember 15 odd years ago when I had just started playing and a mate of mine dug out his grandmothers guitar which was an archtop martin with f-holes (very similar to this but minus the pickups and a sunburst finish). Of course we were young, into metal and had no idea just what a unique guitar we were messing around with, it just looked like some old duck that wasn't worth sh*t. His mother took it to a luthier to have it re-strung and he offered her $2k on the spot, thankfully she didn't sell it. Eventually I fell out of touch with my friend, but I often wonder about that guitar, how much it was really worth and wish I could have a play on it now that I would actually appreciate it.
Quote by jimtaka
that's a sweet looking guitar regardless of how much it's worth.

you took those pictures with the camera on your phone?!

haha yeh? its only a 2 megapixel, standard on mobile phones these days really!

but yeh, i realy love this guitar, im back at uni now but i'll try and keep updated on it and what martin say when they get back to them