I'm looking for a good rhythm guitar that sounds good with palm mutes, good sustain and thick tone (mahogany body, and no RG321MH's please). I know it'd probabl be a better choice to get an SZ, but SZs seem to have high resale value on ebay .
BTW, I look forward to changing to pups, and *hopefully*, I'll get a Genz Benz El Diablo, or a B-52 tube combo.

Any other reccomendations are welcome.
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how much are you willing to spend for the guitar? would you like a floating trem? how many frets do you need?
Evo Noir has hotter pups and is very heavy which is a good thing in this price range, action was excellent on it and all in all it felt like quality, never played an Agile so cant really comment.