I'm going on to my 10th month of playing now. I play an acoustic-electric guitar and right now I'm just messing around until I can get a real electric in November (I can't get an electric until I've played acoustic for a year). I know some scales (major, minor, harmonic minor, natural minor, minor pentatonic, blues scale) and i can play flight of the bumblebee, scuttle buttin, and master of puppets, among other things. Right now I don't know what to do until November. Should I learn more scales? Practice improvization? Something else?
Write some tunes. Dream about the electric. Just don't stop learning things, you seem to be doing much better then I have. Four damn years and I still don't know a couple of the scales you mentioned. =P
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Yes I do want to learn more I just want some advice for what kind of stuff I should learn.
if you are going to get a electric than you should be practicing on doing solos, palm muting, hammer ons , and pull-offs.
yeah i can already do hammer ons, pull offs, and palm muting, but i need to work on my soloing.
learn sweeping/economy picking, pinch harmonics, and practice improvisation over a guitar backing track
just keep learning songs and practicing,its all u can do if u are "waiting" for an electric
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