i was thinking about buying a Gibson Faded SG Special Electric Guitar but i dont know if it is the right one. any suggestions if i should get this guitar or not? it is faded ,but new


Mahogany body
Mahogany neck
Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays
24-3/4" scale
1-11/16" nut width
Tune-o-matic bridge with stopbar tailpiece
Chrome hardware
490R and 490T alnico magnet humbuckers
Controls: 2 volume, one tone, 3-way switch

it is about $700
buy epiphone at same price... much better quality
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From what I hear, it plays about the same as a standard. I could be wrong.
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Generally the SG special is a good guitar, it's just the quality and attention to detail isn't as good as the standard. If you find a good one for 700 you can't go wrong.
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It's a good guitar after some touching up (sanding down the frets, maybe replacing the pickups and tuners) but its got the essentials to be an amazing guitar.
If you played one and really liked it, then maybe.

If you're looking at ordering it without playing it, NO. In general, they aren't good guitars. There are a few cases where someone finds a nice one, but a lot of the time they're really, really bad.

Either way, there are much, much better guitars in the same price range.
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another sg special faded thread...

threadstarter : please do a search in this forum with the terms "faded sg" or "gibson sg" or something and you'll end up with some threads full of information, opinions and discussions about that guitar.

My advice : don't buy online (though I wouldn't do that with any guitar) and make sure you play the one that you're going to buy.
I own one and really like it, if that's of any importance for you
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buy epiphone at same price... much better quality


its a good guitar. When i saved up some money...and i say this to all of these threads...I could either buy an sg standard and a cheap amp, or a faded special and get a decent tube amp...

So i got the sg special and a 2x12 deville fender amp.

The sg special does not play as well as the standard...you can still feel and hear the difference....but not on any amazing levels...so i got the faded, it sounded close, and the better amp makes it sound that much better
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It's a good guitar after some touching up (sanding down the frets, maybe replacing the pickups and tuners) but its got the essentials to be an amazing guitar.

pickups and tuners are alright but if your paying 700usd for a guitar then you shouldnt be sanding down the frets they should be all radiused properly and no high frets thats what gibson should be doing for all models
I'll have to agree with those who say "buy it only if you can play it first". There are some good faded SG's out there and there are some turds. Of course this is true of any brand and model of guitar out there.

I have a faded and like it. I had to play a few before one really grabbed me though.