Hey guys, I've been playing for about 2 years and I'm starting to get interested in recording some stuff. Right now, I'm using a fender mexi strat, a tascam us-122 (input device for my computer), and Sonar V5 PE. So far I've tried several different configurations but I can't record a clean sound (let alone getting a direct monitor so I can hear my guitar as I play it). I'm just looking for some overall advice to get good loud tone that's clear. Should I run the signal through my amp? Which volume control/gain should I use (the one on my strat, the one on my amp, the one on the tascam, the one in the program)? Are there better programs I could be using for recording the guitar? I basicall have everything I need to do it, I'm just not sure about the finer points. Any advice you guys could give would be greatly appreciated...
I haven't done it for a few years, but I used to get a pretty crisp tone and great effects running through a Soundblaster Live! Drive (sits in one of your CD Bays and hooks up to a soundblaster sound card) and using CoolEditPro2 (which is sold as adobe audtion 2.0 now) as my recording software.
not sure if this will effect your gear but . check your volume settings. go to options > properties > recording and see if theres something in there you need to adjust.
for example. when i use guitarfx5 with my laptop's sound card i had to turn the mic boost off cause i was getting bad distortion even with all effects turned off.. on my desktop i had the opposite problem. mic settings were too low so i got next to nothing for sound.
To record i just plug the guitar without amp directly to the line in input of the CPU. You must have a ASIO driver soundcard compatible, if not you can download it here: http://www.asio4all.com/

For recording you can use this free software: Kristal Audio Engine.
For some VST effects there's a lot free out there, although if you can download/buy amplitube live which for me is the best VST.
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