so im a guitar player but sometimes if me and my friends and i are jamming and they all want to solo and show off, ill get on the bass. i can follow along with the roots and sometimes i can add some extra stuff depending on the song. so im wondering what are some good scales for bass so that i can play like walking bass lines or just put in little runs. would chromatics be good? im a guitar player so the scales i know are like pentatonics and modes. not really any fancy scales. i play blues so i dont really need more than that.
i play guitar mainly too, but i know blues scales sound sexy on bass
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The minor scale owns... I think it's the arabic scale, or I've heard some say Gypsy scale, whichever... it's a neat scale, chromatic scale, pentatonic, spanish 8-tone.

and chromatics are fun too.

and learn chord tones if you don't know them already.
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The chromatic scale contains every single note on the guitar, so I don't think that'll help much.

That said, you won't survive unless you know the minor pentatonic scale (aka the blues scale). It's as basic and important as they come.
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try this for 12 bar blues. its a basic walking bass line. this is in A, but u can move the same pattern anywhere on the E string. heaps fun to play too.

E--5-------------------5--- x2