- What is a good way to memorize the modal scale number (i dont know another word for it) ex. 12#3b456
- What is a good way to memorize the chordal numbering for all chords
- What is a good internet theory site

EDIT: Also, If i take any chord and make and inversion (1st 3rd 2nd) that has a different root note wouldn't it be called a new chord i.e different root (like from a g to a b chord after the inversion)
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Chordal numbering?

To memorize scales, I just use them a lot.

No it wouldn't be called a new chord. Like for C. C E G. In it's first inversion (I don't know how to get the character for inversions but...) C would be moved one octave higher.
E G C would be the chord but it would just be C(first inversion sign). If you inverted it again, it would be G C E, which is C(second inversion sign). See the site I showed you. They have a lesson on inversions I believe.