can anyone cook me up a schematic for having LED's light up next to certain pickups when i have that certain pickup(s) selected....for example on a strat i have the neck pickups selcted, 2 leds on either side of the pickup light up....thanks
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I don't know, but it sounds pretty cool

maybe the LEDs can be different colours for each pickup, Green for neck, orange for mid, red for bridge...
cldn't u jst splice an LED into the wiring for each pickup and as a result when u select that pickup the LED wld light up
there isnt an easy way of doing that....unless you put an extra 5way switch right beside the other one and taped the knobs together and ran the 9v and led's through the new one and all the pickups through the old one
i think you could do it with actives, but then of course you've got to make sure the led's aren't consuming too much, so resistors have to be wired up. and that'd limit the life on actives too which'd suck.

I was thinking of putting an led in my single pickup guitar that lights up when the cable is inserted, that's easy to do.
Pretty easy, what's your pickup layout? S/S/S? You have to move your tone control's wires on the selector switch to make a free pole for the led's. I'll see what I can doodle up.
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yeah most 5 way switches have 2 sets of completely independant leads...and its easy to wire the guitar to only use 1 set, as lots come that way anyways. or like jim said you might have to move the wire going from the selector to the tone pot if its wired in that fasion. it is a pretty sweet idea though. use some super high output LED's so they really shine.