I understand if I buy a cheapy Squier or a vanilla Epiphone, it's not worth what I bought it 10 minutes later, because they machine-shop thousands of these a year.

What if I buy an American made Fender, or god forbid sell a lung to buy a Gibson Les Paul? Do these still appreciate like guitars made in the 50's? Or does the fact that eBay and Craigslist exist, along with these brands starting to cater more and more to the $300-500 market, mean that these aren't good investments like they used to be?

I won't buy a Gibson for $2K just purely for the playability and tone, because I can get "good enough" out of something a lot less... but I would GLADLY pay that $2K for a limited edition run where history shows I will at least get $2K out of it in 10 years time if I get sick of it. I know, just like stocks, it's a crapshoot, but does anyone have a 1999-2002 Gibson that has already appreciated, or retained its value? Because it seems like if I was going to buy a new Gibson or a used off of Craigslist, I would ALWAYS take the new, knowing as little as I do about guitars.
I'm sorry. What are u asking? I got confused.
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Used guitars are generally better because...

1) Cheaper - and as long as the guitar is playable looks don't matter
2) Aged guitars sound BETTER - yes, this is a fact, pickups and wood ages and improves tone
You may have to keep the instrument many years before it appreciates above its selling price, if ever.
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Yeah, and you would have to be the top of the range guitars (ie gibson les paul standard/whatever) for it to appreciate. People who buy 50 year old guitars are buying them for the fact that the guitars have become collectors items, and a squier affinity strat will probably take 100+ years to ever become a collectable.

I'd just put my money in the bank, lol.
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i dont think they still appreciate! machination of production has provided ample good quality guitars with no human craftsmanship
you could either buy a squire then wait 2000+ years till its discontinued!your grandson could sell it as a collectors item!!
or you could buy an old guitar,as a collector and sell it again in 50 years or something,but i wouldnt recommend this kind of investment!