I know that I could suffer CTS or something worse if I dont pay attention to how I play. But lately I cant figure out why the hell my right hand is huting from picking. I need advice, I dont wanna end up not being able to play guitar D: !
maybe CTS from tapping or using an anchor/too much tension. Raise your guitar strap-have no acute right angles on your arm/hand and dont anchor. Dont tense up if playing palm mutes for example.

Few other things to help-copper bracelet, bannanas (seriously) glucosamine, regular arm massages, dynaflex balls.
Well I notice my right wrist and arm tense up a lot when I play, trying to pay attention to that so that it doesnt happen as often, but sometimes I cant help it.
do you have skinny arms?. maybe doing muscle building excercises like dynaflex or those gym things will help-it has for me and i had loads of problems through CTS tendonitis and RSI
mate im no doctor but i was having cramps, shooting pains, cracking the knuckles, arm strains, tennis elbow symptoms so i do all this to prevent them all and it works

copper bracelet, bannanas, glucosamine&multivitimans, regular arm massages, foot massager for your arms (!) dynaflex balls, drink 2 litres of water a day, use natural PC keyboard. Use the alexander technique (this is good), play superstrat instead of my normal strat, low action and gauge strings
Its worth a shot if it'll stop my right hand from becoming useless and decrepid =D, thanks for the help
seriously i thought my music was finished with-you just have to watch what your doing. I still find it tough to warm up-watch those barre chords too. good health to you fella.
What does a copper bracelet do?

Sorry for hijacking your thread a bit but after an hour or even less my left wrist aches. I have my guitar fairly high, a little lower than if I'm sitting down. I have my action as low as I can without frett-buzz. I think I am using too much pressure in my fretting hand, but It is necessary to get clear notes. Would a better quality guitar help? What stretches should I be doing before playing?
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Well, the pain in my wrist seems to be diminishing somewhat, I try not to anchor it on the guitar anymore, now my shoulder seems to be in pain. XD...
Okay, that's good. Anchoring the pick hand is the devil to me, lol. Half the time when my students come in talking about tension problems, they're anchoring. Take it away and they go "Whoa, hey!"

Loosen up, and if you aren't, pick from the wrist. Thumb/finger movement picking + hand tension in excess is very not good.
^Lucky you. I have a local metal-head attempting to play Paul Gilberts 'Technical Difficulties' (Irony or what, lol) who refuses to play with a floating hand because '...anchoring is more comfortable, and my old teacher told me to always do what's comfortable'
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^Lucky you. I have a local metal-head attempting to play Paul Gilberts 'Technical Difficulties' (Irony or what, lol) who refuses to play with a floating hand because '...anchoring is more comfortable, and my old teacher told me to always do what's comfortable'

Ahaha... Technical Difficulties while anchoring... The name says it all
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^Lucky you. I have a local metal-head attempting to play Paul Gilberts 'Technical Difficulties' (Irony or what, lol) who refuses to play with a floating hand because '...anchoring is more comfortable, and my old teacher told me to always do what's comfortable'

You should just say that "anchoring is like going for a Sunday drive with your granny. It's comfy, but it's slow as fuck."

Usually once you compare people's picking technique to a Sunday-driving granny (bonus points if you put her in an Oldsmobile from '78) they smarten up.
I was never really taught how to pick the right way and crap. And now the pain in my wrist seems to be moving towards my elbow...wtf o_O. Can any part of my right arm rest on the guitar at all when I pick, or is anything like that gonna cause too much tension in my arm/wrist/whatever?
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^In an ideal situation, you'd want to learn to play with a floating hand without any part of your hand or arm on the guitar, but it isn't going to create too much tension, no - and it's pretty much okay to have your arm supported by the guitar, aslong as you feel it doesn't hinder you. It will affect your wrist a little bit - but if you aren't doing anything to difficult, you'll be fine.

But you will come across a point where you can't nail something with your arm anchored on the body.
^Well... in the transitional process - yes. Not so much pain, but generally feeling uncomfortable and awkward. When I was weening myself into a floating hand, my shoulder would be sore and awkward - and the idea at this stage is to move around and find that spot where all that is minimised, but you still retain a completely floating hand. But be aware, some pains you're feeling might be related to lifting your shoulder up to support the arm - if your shoulder does get sore, play around to find a compromise and make sure you're not using that shoulder to support the picking arm.

Your body is adjusting to something completely alien to you - you've been playing with an anchored hand for X amount of time, changing that is going to feel uncomfortable, unatural and awkward. Your arm's going to feel awkward, you're going to be inaccurate - simply because it's a lot harder to adjust to picking like this, than it is with using anchoring as a crutch which gives you a false sense of accuracy.

I find.. when people are experimenting, or trying to change over.. they lose morale and purpose because they worry about muting and accuracy (the long and short of accuracy is that it will take time) - which is where it's important to learn what 'floating hand' means - most people take it to mean, completely floating where you're not allowed to touch the strings, or add any other dynamic or muting technique with your picking hand, it doesn't.

The whole purpose is to first learn without anchoring - which will entail most of your practice being of the completely floating hand (no touching what-so-ever) - but, when you're comfortable with that and you can control your picking motion is when you start concentrating on muting techniques and all things related.

Point is.. having your elbow or arm on the guitar is going to generate tension, no matter how relaxed you think it feels anchored to the guitar, it's still generating tension and it's still completely useless - but it's up to you to find out how much tension it generates and if it's hindering you.
Im just worried that I might play in a way that may damage my wrist later on or something. Otherwise the pain is tolerable.
don't tense up you play better and faster when your loose.(not drunk)
Yeah, ive been trying not to get too tense while playing. I usually take it slow if I really feel like im having a hard time with it, or if I'm suddenly getting a pain in my wrist or w/e. It seems I'm more prone to shoulder cramps if I decide not to anchor.
Yeah, my right shoulder is really locking up. My hands and left shoulder arent in as much pain as before though..