Hey, I just wanted to show you the third part from my three-part Talent Show video for a little crit. I didn't film it and I'm not in it but I'll show all the crit to the guys who were in this. Just a little info, both the drum and key solos were cut off because of YouTube time restraints and at around 27 seconds, right when the bass comes in, it pans to the crowd. This is because the bassist, with a wireless cord, was going to walk down the isle to get up to the stage but the students crowded it. Yeah, it looks pretty hillarious.

Counter Point: I go home and jerk off.
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Dude, I can post 20 minute videos on youtube with no problem. Are you sure that's why they were cut off. It says the max is 10 mins.
It's a large video size, which restrics video length.
Counter Point: I go home and jerk off.