OK so im a child of the MTV generation and prefer to watch a tv than read a book, but are there any theory dvd's out there?. I think this would help me out a lot.
I don't know of any, but just get a book lol. With a DVD, you'll either have to watch it every time you have a question, or write everything down as the guy is saying them. With a book, there is an index, and everything is written down for you. You can also carry it wherever you go. So, yeah, a DVD IMO is a waste of time, get a book.
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I hope that we could get some real metal out there. I guess A7X a start...
But nu metal does have its moments like Slipknot Mushroomhead and Korn.

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But a DVD has chapters like a book, so you dont have to watch the whole thing every time, you just start it on whatever chapter you need. I think that would be a good idea. I'll keep a look out for some for you man.