I've been slowly rebuilding my first guitar a Squier Bullet Special.

I've put a 24 fret neck with a roller nut and put on a better bridge and string saddles than what I used to have but I'm having a problelm deciding what pickup to drop into its single humbucker slot. The one in there now is just the cheap squier stock and the instrument is far from its original $100 bargain buy origins. I use it to play a lot of chunky punk hooks and rythms. I was thinking of maybe one of the Gibson Dirty Fingers reissues but if anyone has any suggestions they would be much appreciated.
i hope you compensated for the scale difference with that neck or you're screwed. as far as the humbucker goes look at seymour duncans or dimarzio.
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Just because he put a 24 fret neck doesn't mean that the scale length is different. Have you put strings and tried to tune/intonate it?
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^ Thats is true. I have seen alot lately, 24 fret necks that bolt on and have the same scale length as a 22 fret neck.