http://c77.dmusic.com/ < I was just curious as to what his settings are on "Crazy Train" because i really like his tone, i have a boss mt-2 and is there any way i could get that tone out of it? i run it through the clean channel on my cube, thanks ahead...
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soo i cant even get a simliar sound out of the mt 2??

Doubtful. If I were you I'd sell the MT-2 and check out a few other distortion pedals. I suggest taking a look at the Marshall Guv'nor.
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the mt2 is brittle fuzz, no sir!

try tube combo, overdrive, some stereo delay
thanks for all the answers ya'll but one more question,as well as the guv'nor, what other distortion pedals should i look into that arnt as fuzzy like the mt 2??