So, I think it would be that my first problem is that I put cheap strings on a cheap guitar (Firstact Strat copy) but I was thinking that shouldn't make it useless.
I could always take it to a music shoppe but I would like to avoid that if I could.
My strings fell terribly out of tune and then in the process of tuning them, it seems as if the action has been weired out too (the action is way too high). Also, when I had the strings tuned to the right note, two things happened:
1. The strings have alot of give, they seem kind of loose, not tight at all. I am not sure how I should adjust it. It's not to the point where it sounds back or you can notice it when you are hearing it, but when you are playing it, it just doesn't feel as tight as my acoustic's strings.
2. Up near the 7 freat and some times starting further down, there is a metal-on-metal buzzing noise when I pick a note. My guess is that it has something to do with my adjustable bridge, as in, I have no idea how to set it right. Does anyone have any tips on how to fix this?
Thanks, I am pretty confused about this, I just made the jump into electric not too long ago, I'm used to playing acoustic.

might be just me, but i think electrics are loser normally anyway, i have both and thats what i feel, in standard tunning anyway.

first thing i would try and do is losen all the strings, a lot, and then tune them, that way you're not accidentally tunning one string way higher than its supposed to be, wich would cause some lift in the bridge, and all sortsa tunning probs. if that doenst work, then there's more things to do, but more steps to them too, i say try the tunning thing, and by the time i'm done typing this i bet there'll be like 3 more posts with more advice
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Do you have a truss rod? Its time to ajust it and do you live in Vernon BC since you said Music Shoppe
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i say shop cause as metallica said truss rod time! and the action maybe be because of S'wordy guitar. my S'wordy guitar has suckyness. but thats because the bridge lifted up the fake wood of my acoustic guitar. so probably adjust the bridge in a manner that involves someone else teling you or taking it to a shop witch you would need to do for the truss rod anyways.