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Lottery of War

There comes a time in boy's life
When he becomes a man
And he has to go and sign
Like his father and every other man

But from time to time
There is more than that to a generation
When the boy has to go
And play a game for his nation

He is given a number and told to wait
Thinks about what he might have to do
Like jump in from the sky
Or sail the great ocean blue

Soon he thinks his time is up
And that he might go on tour
With all the other boys
Who are playing the lottery of war

You get to play a game
Where you need only one number win
An all expense paided trip
To some foriegen place like Berlin

Many don't want to play the game
So they go anywhere they can
Some of them can get away for free
But they always find the one that ran

Chorus x2


Jiminy Cricket drowned in a cold cold pool of gasoline

I came home and swept clean the locks and
changed my tires
and mended my fence
it's pickets were ripe with trenchant
I felt my body
it felt like sand
all grainy and coarse
not at all like the touch of her
skin, like fire
my bones feel like glass, yet they still
pump my jelly life into dysphemistic Disney dreams
like Valhalla, Nirvana, Arcadia
I?m glad I never sent her anything
I want to lock myself out and slash my tires.
Last edited by s0nofabe4ch at Sep 18, 2006,
Blue seconded.

Quick Axe Player, I'd advise you to vary your verses a bit more, don't get trapped in the four line verse.