I got a new locking nut for my Kramer Voyager,

the old one had a lot of grooves worn into it (burrs included)
so i unscrewed the 2 screws of the old one, and screwed in the new one

but now I put the strings in, everything is alright, but i notice that this nut has lifted off of the neck, and is just sort of sitting in place due to the routed down edge from the fretboard

what should I do to fix this? the old holes are probably stripped, how would I repair those? and are the nuts glued to the neck in any way shape or form?

guys have any ideas?

first thing you do is go to a gas station and fill a gallon of gas into a gas tank. go home and set your guitar on fire. kramer can burn in hell. piece of crap is the reason to your lock nut.

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if i can picture it right your solution might be the good old toothpick trick

-pack the holes FULL of toothpicks then cut off the ends with an exacto knife and re screw

that would b my best solution to the problem but im having a tough time picturing it