i wanna get a few gears but im not sure which one,so i would appreciate it if you can
tell me what you think of these.i've limited them to:

-Hartke VXL Bass Attack (pedal/DI)
( http://www.samsontech.com/products/productpage.cfm?prodID=1734&brandID=3 )

-BOSS GT-6B (multi-effects)

and an amp,most probably...HARTKE,BEHRINGER,or ROLAND.

i like hard rock,a lil emo,and some metal

thx in advance for all ideas.
Ill tell you what i can:

ive only had hands on experience with the Boss GT, and a Roland keyboard amp (that i used for bass), THAT SAID:

The boss is recognized as a good multi effects, imo. Not really talked about often, but i liked it, and so did a few other people, IF you can afford it.

Out of the 3 amps: Hartke = maybe, i havent played one, wait for more opinions
Behringer = Reliability is crap, everyone will tell you they break in weeks (sometimes hours)
Roland = The keyboard amp i played through had surprisingly nice tone, and was also very loud for its size (considering the wieght, i would guess a 60W amp.. but it could be a light 80-100W.... i dunno!)
Ashdown amps. A ashdown amp that cost exactly the same as a hartke is much better. I tried the ashdown bass distortion and it was pretty good. Better than that hartke but it's more expensive i believe. Digitech bass driver was a pretty good distortion pedal. I have one and with the right settings you can make some cool sounds. A really fuzzy sound if you want or a smooth, bassy overdrive sound
Yeah cool.. thx for the stuffs..i'll get my hands on them when i'm free to try.