hey guys,
geus wat topic........ thats right intonation. just wondering how long entill you re-intonate your guitar
whenever i change string gauges then i re-check my intonation or just whenever i put new strings on and after they fully stretch then i check the intonation
ahh what the fcuk is intonation

i thought i knew everything then this

fcuk sake
" the lick is simply a diminished harmonic minor arpeggiated sequence of dominant stitonics descending down in whole steps in the Phrygian mode...with a raised fourth.
It was a polite way of saying are you taking the pi$$ or do you want an explanation of intonation
Should really be brand new and playing in for a couple of hours, but you might get away with it.
Checking intonation takes about two seconds. Do it whenever you want. Do it right now! Do it for fun. Do it as foreplay! Whatever. The only time it matters is when it's gone off - then you adjust it.
TS, dont worry so much about your intonation, just check it and see if you need to adjust it. You've made too much threads about intonation, just play your guitar and have fun, if it sounds good to you, it sounds good.
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
Thats what she said...
Sorry but doing an intonation adjustment with old strings is like playing pool with a piece of rope as a cue.

If you do it with old strings on then youll just have to adjust again when you put new ones on, if you do it with new strings then when the intonation goes south you know it might be a good time to change strings. Thats just my personal opinion on it tho.
i dont really believe that is would matter to much, depending on how new or old your strings are because if there new, no matter how much u strech them after putting them on they are still going to stretch more than string that have been on for a week
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