What do you think about these lyrics? They're very personal, so you might not understand it all. but look beyond that :P

I'm i swed, so don't expect the grammar to be just perfect.

You fell, stumbled, faced the ground
an aquaintance with the concrete
but still you were walking, hiding the wounds

strolling down that blooming avenue
the spring rolling down the sides
a coincidence that you were asking?

the story went on. the days passed by
seems to you that it was one of these everyday things
it was making your way, your day. but why?

these torns made it worse, maybe the farmersboy did too?
forced you to encounter what was weigh down your shoulders
encounter the sanctuary concealed in dread.
what you were willing to give, what you were willing to offer

to give, to receive and to make an offer
manage to obtain, they're willing to be found
grab the hand of grace while it pass, and hold on, hold on
reflecting his holiness

this is laid down at your feet, maybe you're not ready.
maybe someone is holding you back. someone who's pricking your neck.
but take a chance, make a change and breakaway.
like someone said

it was still in your head, though not in action
the evil tempt you, to break
no regrets, but still regret

why are you pretending like none of this happen?
like everything changed during this night?
put on your mask, and I see you're glimpse through the holes