Well i've purchased from an online music store before, and it was ok, i got my guitar, amp, etc. But my amp was a bit faulty.
This time, i've paid and they havent done anythign about it, they've just taken my money basically and said well we'll post it when we cbb.
Unlike ebay, theres nothing you can do!
I'm in australia, and i THINK www.music123.com posts worldwide now
i wanna know, how many online music stores are there that post to australia and which ones are good?

theres a few.
- KOSMIC music in OSBORNE park WA, which is quite good
- BILLY HYDES is expensive
- allansmusic/musicians warehouse are C.U.N.T.S of people, with a good
range of gear.
- downtown music and all the other ones along parramatta road annandale.
- venue music

ANY more? any reliable ones?
I purchase from an online store called soulseek where everything is free and gummy drops and licorice grow from trees.
Bmusic ****ing good rep and there hell nice. Kosmic they actually are alright i dont like their customer service in store havent tried them out online yet.....sadly
Try not to use online shops,you've always gotta try the guitar or other stuffs first by first hand experience,and the purchase can normally be made on the spot if your buy it from the shop,i've been myself to sweelee,the official ibanez dealer in singapore and yeah,try the stuffs out first