]This is my first song i wrote this at class when teacher was talking ****. Construcitve critizism is welcome but dont be a dick. About my spelling and grammer plz bear with me i m not a native english speaker soory it too short i only got abot 5 min before my teache found out. I dont wat to put my title can u plz help me ith the title.Truly sorry to the mod. i did not preview my preivous posting and came out like hell

Have big dream but sacred to chase it
B coz of this claustrophobic room with narrow view
I see them preaching but can't hear their words
For I m lost in dreaming my dreams

I dont wanna opioion from a guy went 6 feet under
Cause there this person who knows about the road to stairway to heaven
I wanna get my enlightment but have to search it by going there
Looked for it but in the end i realised i hav to hear it

Finally found it out and heard it, now i feel refreshed
Now i know i was here since 8 this morning found it out in
seven mintues of the time jounerny leading up their
Now i too know about the road to stairway to heaven
dude it is so lame to use stairway to heaven. come up with something original and stop trying to rip off zepplin.. its hard to read man, there's no flow. its just looks like you were making something up so u could use "stairway to heaven"