Hey guys,

I wanted to ask a question..
where do i start if i want to learn shredding!?
Im at a point where i know all the basics and some musical theory. I know my pentatonics back to front, but where to now?
Ive been listening to alot of paul gilbert and alexi.

Can someone point me in the right direction to get an insite of shredding?


- Pete
Practice hammer on's and pull off's, tremolo picking and sweep picking like crazy.
Know your 3 nps string scales and be able to sequence them all over the fretboard.

This guy has a bunch of excellent articles here --->http://www.ibreathemusic.com/browse/index.php?what=author&aid=2

Look for articles like "neoclassical shred,' ' the art of picking' '3 note per string patterns' 'stretch some more', 'Paul Gilbert', ' Scales scales scales' etc...

Most importantly you must put in ALOT of practice time and start using a metronome if you don't already
cheers texasflood

I can tell already this will really help this guy has alot of good articles!

wouldnt want my newly bought jackson rhoads to goto waste =P