i'm just wandering do you people consider maninstream bands like my chemical romance, panic at the disco, brand new etc etc emo. I don't know a lot of emo as you can see
I say its mainstream if it gets played on the radio more then 20 times a day :P
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i'd say pop punk. except Brand New, theyre pretty emoish.
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I like brand new...thats about it

except im kind of confused what you're asking...

oh wait..nvm id consider brand new emo, but not the other two.
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Emo and pop-punk these days are so interchangeable. Take Brand New, for example. Most people consider both of their albums to be Emo, although their first album (which is really good) actually sounds very pop-punk. There are so many bands like that. This explains why the genres "pop-punk" and "emo" are placed in the same forum on this website. Anyways, who ever said that MCR is pop-punk, that is kind of a stretch because of their more dark, and less energetic sound.
I dont see how MCR and Panic! At The Disco can both be emo. They are both completely different musically, lyrically and in their clothes etc.
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But none of these bands are emo.

You're crazy if you say that none of these bands are emo! Of course they're emo in one way or another. There's different kinds of emo...Dashboard Confessional can be emo, Funeral For A Friend can be too, so can MCR and Brand New, and Silverstein and Boysetsfire and Texas is the reason...I'm sorry, you must not completely know or understand what emo is