Hello, I am looking to buy my 2nd guitar very soon. I have found one that sounds like quite a nice guitar but i would like the advice from my fellow ug'ers

here the link to the one i have found

The pick ups are alnico V humbuckers and the body is said to made of mahogany and the fingerboard is said to be made of rosewood.

My limit is 300 pounds including delivery
I dont know if any one knows of a better one. I would like an SG but a les paul would be good aswell.

There is a nice les paul in my local shop for 220 pounds however i dotn know what its made of and what the pickups are. I'll only be able to find that out in about 2 weeks time.

So what i want to know is if that guitar that i showed u is any good and whether it soudns like a good quality guitar that could last for 1 year or maybe 1 and a half years. If it is not could some one tell me of another guitar within 300 pounds. Preferably an sg but i dont mind getting somethign else.

Thank you if u can help.
I own this exact guitar. Its a great model, sounds, and looks fabulous. You won't be disapointed with that. It is the only electric that I own, and after the fact I wish it wasn't a fixed bridge as it would be nice to have the tremelo. But maybe you don't need this. As for the price. I bought it approximately 1 year ago for just under 500$ Canadian. So, i hope that helps. If you have anymore questions feel free to get back to me.

yer its okay but is there one that looks more like a natural burst than that oen or is that the closest thing?? If it is ill stick with cherry
that sg is nothing short of superb for the money. it is solid mahogany, which puts it above any epiphone les pauls in that price range!

I'll give you the same advice i give everyone. make sure you play that guitar before you buy it, because epiphones are a bit hit and miss with quality. some are bad, but most are good, so check one out, and see what you think.
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