Could someone please explain to me what a Truss rod does and how to use it? i know its in the neck and it is what puts tension on it or whatever and keeps it from breaking, but what are some things i should know about the truss rod?
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Don't touch it, and you'll be fine.

ever person on this whole damn website thinks that if you even touch the truss rod, your going to rip off your neck and screw your guitar up. If you even know a LITTLE bit about adjusting the truss rod, you'll be fine.

first, check your necks relief by either a feeler gauge or, fret the first and last fret of the low e-string and check the gap above the 8th fret. The gap should be about the size of a business card and i piece of paper put together. If the gap is too big, tighten the truss rod 1/8 turn at a time, and wait for results. Wait at least one day before adjusting again. If there is hardly any gap, loosen the truss rod 1/8 turn at a time. keep doing this untill you have the proper amount of relief for your playing style.

see, its not that hard. And for now on fellow ug members, when someone asks "how do i adjust my truss rod?" Dont say "bring it to a shop or dont touch it.", because its a very simple procedure and will save you money.
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It's something ou shouldn't 'play' with, if you know what I mean.

Basically i adjusts the angle of the neck, like how much it curves.
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Sometimes you need to adjuste it for different thicknesses of strings so your neck doesn't warp, that's another thing he should hear.
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