eric claptons sig or lucialle (bb kin gs sig) i want to get one of those sigs so which one is better
Whats ur amp, your budget, and whats the reason you're getting the clapton strat over a standard/deluxe one?
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That all depends on whose tone you like better. BB KIng's or Eric Claptons? This is just my oppinion, but I think that buying a sig guitar doesn't help you grow as a player. It makes you just like EC or BB KIng, not your own individual player with unique abilities. Bear in mind that EC's sig has single coil pickups and BB KIng's rig has humbuckers. Fender and Gibson also have sound clips of both sigs on their website.
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Youre dumb, and since you dont seem to have an idea of what youre talking about, asking which is "better" i dont think you deserve either one. especially if youre as new to guitar as you are to this site.

ha. ok.
that was fun

but heres my advice, or whatever.

Both guitars are blues guitars, thaey can be used for alot, but sound best in the hands of a blues man.

The clapton strat would have a thinner blues sound, leaning more toward blues rock, wheras Lucille has a thicker tone, because of the humbeuckers.
Lucille is semi holllow, and has a nice rich tone to it.

In the end its all about your prefence.
Listen to claptons music and BB kings. Which do you like better? Which is more your style?

Then go play them both and wichever feels better, go for it..
But dont play it once in the shop, and just get it. Thats bad. Try it out a few times,and then make your final decision.

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