Hi i will be buying a new acoustic guitar tomorrow. (16/09/2006)
My current guitar is a Yamaha APX-4 i paid about £450. 7-9 years ago.
I hate the flat sound it gives out. No depth or warmth..

I have £400 so spend. I will be going to this shop in birmingham. http://www.soundcontrol.co.uk/mod_1/pages/index.php

Was thinking about getting this guitar what do you think. http://www.soundcontrol.co.uk/mod_1/pages/mod_1.12/pages/mod_1.12.1/pages/mod_1.12.1.1/pages/index.php?sku=

Would i be right in thinking that if a guitar has a cutaway body then this cutaway will reduce the overall sound of the guitar.

Only reason i would like cutaway body is because i like to play a few songs using the 12-15 frets. I could live without the cutaway if i could find a guitar the benfits of not having one outway the with cutaway greatly..

Any advise would be great as i will be getting soon.
Jess my spelling and grammer are crap..

I have no experence with tanglewood R they anygood..

Thanks in advance..
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i dont think the cutaway will have that much of a lesser sound to be honest its only a very small part of the body taken away and if you play songs with 12 - 15 frets then your definitely goin to need it, so i would go for a cutaway if you ask me
I have no actual experience w/Tanglewood. Don't think I've ever even seen one. But I've heard good things and the description sounds good.
The cutaway diminishes sound "in theory". Personally I've never been able to tell. IMO, if it does, it's not much.
My advice would be to play it and see what you think. In fact play ALL of the available ones and if you like, pick the one you like best.
Tones will vary even in same make/model guitars.
Good luck and Let us know!
Seems like a decent guitar. Although I've never heard of them either. As far as acoustics go Rosewood sides and Spruce tops are a good combonation. Spruce is a thicker wood which would give full sound. I couldn't find out about the EQ though; as far as which company makes it. Company styled EQ are usally never as good as companies specifically for EQ's. And no, cutaway styles don't create a lack of sound. (If they do; you can't REALLY tell the difference.) ...AND... If you could try the guitar out at the shop, that would be A LOT better. As weird as it sounds, some people prefer lower-ended guitars. It's all preference.
tanglewood make good guitars. They compeat with brands like takamine.

The cutaway does change the tone a bit. I don't like cutaway guitars but some people like the tone of them better. I also find that with the way I play guitar, the cutaway does absolutly nothing to help with upper fret access. Another disadvantage of the cutaway is that they cost more. When looking at midrange guitars you can usualy find noncutaway guitars with solid back and sides for the same price as cutaway guitars with laminated back and sides. That is a big deal.

On the other hand, some people really need cutaway guitars for the style they play so it's still something to look into.

Just try some guitars with a cutaway, and then try some without it and see what you like.
Not taking any online orders.
Thanks very much for everyone's input.

Will let you know tomorrow which i get, Prob post some photos.

Shall be also buying the Focusrite saffire le audio interface,

And two condenser mics for about £50-70 for each mic to record the guitar. Not sure which mics will have to take advice from the sales people in the shop..
Just yo let you know i brought the tanglewood TW1000CE B for £399. Managed to knock it down to £349 because i brought other things aswell..
I tried about 15 different guitars around the same price. The tanglewood standed out by a long way. It was very crisp, mid and bass strings sound warm and clear,
the high strings i thought was not so good. But when playing a few nice chords they sounded complete if you know what i mean.. The volume of the guitar was also very good compared to the rest. I have yet to try in plugged in. BUT there was another guitar that sounded a little better not much but better. This guitar had no price tag on it. I played it for a while and thought this is the guitar for me, it was a Yamaha apx900. When i asked how much the sales lady said £599.. The yamaha was good but it wasnt that good. For the money i paid i think i have a great guitar and am very pleased.. Next time your in a guitar shop try one out.
Well, thanks for the update and congrats.
You might find that later when you change the strings, you might like the tones even better. Guitar MFG'ers often don't put "the best" strings on guitars at the factory.
Also, over time the wood will continue to cure and the tones will mature.