Any tips on learning how to sing and play at the same time? Other than "practice".

I can do it for simple songs (that are just strummed chords) but if I have to play something more complex than chords, and sing at the same time, I'm in trouble.
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Hate to say it, but you have to be able to play the song blindfolded before you can sing with it. Try to hum the song while you play, then just say nonsense words that go with the song, and eventually try to start singing it.
This has been asked quite a few times, so you should search and find those threads, and read the replies, then ask a specific question if you still have one. The answer you are looking for has most likely alreaday been answered. good luck

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Start with easy songs with easy chords like major and barre chords. Then work your way to the easy stuff. Another easy was is starting with call and response songs. Songs that you sing, then play a little riff/lick and sing again. Alot of singers/layers do that. Try songs with a riff playing along with the singing. Like Lick It Up by KISS. Vinnie and Paul play the riff while Paul sings 'Lick It Up", and You Really Got Me by Van Halen. Eddie plays the riff while Dave sings "You Really Got Me"(great example because Eddie sings background vocals while playing". VHs Runnin' With The Devil is good too.

You have to basically concentrate on your playing AND singing at the same time. It isn't easy i tell you what.
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the best is wild thing to learn to play its only 1-4-5-41 and over really. i sing made up words to find a melody and then give them intelect
yea im having the same trouble with "under the bridge".. I can play it fine but when i add the words it all goes downhill
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Obviously start with easy songs, which you have already done, and just build up. Don't throw yourself in the deep end or youll probably drown. I'd move from 4 chord strumming to fingerpicking chords and then move on to riffs and more complex timings. Other that it is honestly just about practice.
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I think you just have to get into the mentality that playing and singing are seperate things...you just have to be able to get your mind to split in pieces and concentrate on two or more things at once.
If you did allot of this would you eventually get the hang of it?, or would it be like starting over every new song you try?
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