Does anyone know if the model of an ac30 on the valvetronix series sounds as good as the actual ac30? I'm considering getting an ad120vt or an ac30. I haven't decided which yet
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Do you think a $600 modelling amp would sound as good as the $1000 AC30? The AD's sound nice tho. They are also a little more versatile than the AC30.
Personally I'd get the AC 30 though, just because it's the real thing, even if the AD can emulate it pretty well and is more versatile.
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Depends, if you're looking for anything more than the AC-30 sound. If not, then the AC-30 is WAY worth the £120 more. What kinda music do you like to play?
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I like so much different stuff at the moment. I'm almost bored of metal now, and i'm moving along to doing whatever sounds cool. I still have my mt-2 if i want to play metal again, btu i doubt it. I think the ad120vt will be perfect for me
"He remembered that they were but flesh, a passing breeze that does not return"
Definitely not the same, although I haven't played the ad120vt, I use a Vox ad15vt for practice in my apartment, the tubes really do make a difference. The tone is pure sex!

Try it in a quiet room at your closest guitar store. You just might fall in love, I know I did.

By the way I'm not biased or anything...
it may sound the same on a certain point of hte break up, but the thing about an ac30 is its responsiveness, and its close to impossible to emulate the wide array of variation in the ac30 tone, it can go from a prestine clean to an agressive overdrive on the same setting depending on who dynamic you play. No modelling amp can get that type of responsiveness.

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