Hey everyone, I need some ideas on what kind of guitar to buy, when/if it's better to upgrade, pedal advice, etc.

Right now I've got a Squier Standard "Black & Chrome" Fat Strat and a Cube 30 amp. It's pretty good, I can get some nasty sounds with the humbucker and the cube's gain, but as soon as I have max gain and 5+ volume I get loads of feedback. I'm new to guitars, so I have no idea if most guitars have this or not. Anyway, for songs with less distortion it sounds pretty good too.

But I'm thinking about getting a new guitar, mainly because I'll be getting into more advanced stuff and the feedback thing (depending on if it's normal or not) . I've also heard the whammy bar I've got will make my strings go out of tune really quickly, since it isn't double locked. I also only have 22 frets instead of 24.

I mainly play metal, getting into shred, but I like the occasional softer song too.

But as I said, I'm pretty new and I don't know much about different guitar companies.

So..I'd just like to know if you guys think I should upgrade or buy a new guitar sometime in future, or if I should get a pedal (noise gate for that feedback problem?) Which kind of guitars are good for shred, opinions on humbuckers (which guitars have good humbuckers? Or should I get one and replace 'em?), some info about the whammy bar thing, what's the difference between active and passive pickups, and anything else you can be bothered to type out.

Thanks in advance!
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Sorry, but there's just too much new threads and I'd like some advice :P
The feedback is normal, try turning away from the amp so your guitar insnt facing it. Your also probably too close to the amp, which can cause unwanted and uncontroled feedback so get further away from it.

You can take steps to reduce the chances of your guitar going out of tune when you use the trem, when you change the strings you can rub pencil lead into the slots in the nut. Although its really only going to go badly out of tune if you do some mad stuff like dive bombing. You could also fit a set of locking tunners to the guitar that would stop it going out of tune.

24 frets isnt all that important, you will hardly ever use the 23-24 frets. Think about how much you actually use the 22nd fret on your current guitar, not that often i would bet.
Fat Strat's are preety cool at least it has a HB, i never really played one (FatStrat) but if anything get a better amp, even a used one.
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I see, thanks for the help.

Which amp would be good for metal and shred, but also for softer things? My friend's got a big line 6 (not sure which one, but it's pretty big :P) But I've seen lots of people on this forum telling others to stay away from Line 6 products, so...
line 6 spiders you should stay away from and not touch with anything at all cost. the roland you have now is good enough. the main problem with the fat strat i mainly use is the humbucker in the bridge is way way too bright for me liking. and how much do you want to spend for a new guitar? any special request for the new guitar?
I've got around 800? now, and after X-mas and my birthday in Januari I'll have over 1000. Not sure if I wanna waste it all yet tho :P

Not sure about the guitar..only thing I know I really want are humbuckers and I guess a good whammy bar for divebombs won't hurt, as I'll probably try and learn 'em sooner or later.

Also, any suggestions for a good noise gate? I've heard boss is very good, but I've seen a beringer for sale for 25?! 1/5th of a boss I think...I haven't seen it in action, but the only thing I can see is that the more expensive ones are made out of metal instead of the beringer's plastic case.
i think many will agree with me that a real good noise gate/suppresor is the ISP Decimator of course it aint cheap but the boss is also good as well
How much do both of those go for?
Not only would it disrupt the fabric of time and space, but it would totally ruin the surprise!
im not too sure on where you live so i cant give you a close estimate. but try your local stores out, look on the isp decimator website for local distributors around your area and ask them via email or by person