So I'm debating between the Hellraiser, the Blackjack, and the Elite. They're all around the same price, and seem to feel about the same. I guess it's mainly the pups that're different. Can anyone give a brief description as to the type of music each one is geared towards?

As for myself, I'm into all kinds of music... alternative, rock, punk, and some metal. I know the Hellraiser is geared more towards metal, but one reason I'm considering it is that I already have a Fender Strat, and the Hellraiser seems like it'd be a great alternative to the Strat, since it's so different.
I don't really know anything about those particular models but if you would be willing to save a little more cash, i own a C-1 Classic and i love it. The pickups sound awesome, it plays great, and it has coil taps which make it really versatile...just my own little suggestion
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i personally loved everything about the Hellraiser and Elite, until i plugged the hellraiser in.....i just don't like the pickups, it's hard to get a clean on it, but you can mess with the knobs and get it, but i ended up getting the C-1 Elite in amber, i love that thing, and i know i'm propably going to get flamed for saying this........But i honestly thought it aws as good as a PRS WITH A PICKUP CHANGE, but that's just my opionion, and i'm not tonedeaf, lol, soooo whichever you get, i hope you enjoy it