I just found this video on an msn news bulletin...


Coupling this with Christina's latest work and i can confidently say that we will be going through at least a short phase of mainstream blues music. Even if it never becomes a huge hit.

While the song itself isn't half bad. I find it a bit depressing that blues is losing it's "underground" flavour. I'll just re-post what i stated before...

It would really take something away from me if the blues became massively popular. I know this is incredibly self-centered of me and i accept that. But i've always felt very "special" knowing that i loved the blues with great passion. I talk to others who love blues and there's an immediate connection for me, like we're bonded in some way in that we're diffrent from the norm. It's my way of being unique.
Yet if we were subjected to blues posers or huge blues popularity, i'd feel very... lost.

Any thoughts now that there's a defenite (if only minor at the moment) blues comeback?

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Meh its ok. I liked the harmonica at the start, thats about it.
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I don't like it that much compared to other stuff by Outkast; normally I like Andre's voice, but it doesn't seem to fit here.

As for the effect on mainstream and blues music, I don't really care that much one way or another... it's not like people making good music will go away.
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I like it. I respect outkast and K-os.

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Man, I can dig it. I always like seeing unique takes on the blues, even though my favourite artist will always be Mr. Robert Johnson. I also like the tribute to Jimi in hat form.
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Hey it's not half bad. The guitar shuffle reminds me that of Pride & Joy by Srv. Andre's voice is jsut amazing i think. THe harmonica is pretty good as well
I like it. I got Aguilera's new album and she has some really good blues-based music on there as well.

EDIT: I like the end, "dedicated to all those tryin' to stay afloat."
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