I've got an early nineties Gibson SG Special and I love everything about the guitar except the pickups. I'm mainly using this guitar for all types of metal, hardcore, and hard rock genres so I need a good distortion sound and nice cleans. I was thinking about putting EMG's into it. Anyone have any opinions or experience with active EMGs in an SG? Or any other suggesstions for pickups I could use to get my sound preference?
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emgs sound amazing in anything. ive got the 81/85 set and its the best thing u can do if u play metal. i bet they would sound great in an sg
Imho youre fine as you are. If youre going to upgrade the pickups though, Id suggest passives by other brands. But, if you really want that, Id try one out first before making up your mind.
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emgs are nice, cleans aren't the best, but will do, for more cleans i suggest duncan JB/Jazz combo
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Quote by seek_&_destroy
emgs are nice, cleans aren't the best, but will do, for more cleans i suggest duncan JB/Jazz combo

Like the jazz and great for cleans but not a big fan of the jb.
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EMG 60 is a nice clean pup, idk why everyone says EMG's can't have good cleans.
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Emg's are good in an SG. IMO SG's sound a little wooly coz of its lack of maple and the EMG's add that extra bite so go for it.