Alright, this is what im trying to play, and Its all almost one chord. I dont get why I cant play it. I dont get the technique of stopping etc.

you would prolly have to hear the song, chiodos - theres no penguins in alaska.

all you have to do is stop the strings from vibrating, if i get what you are trying to say. chiodos is a great band by the way
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Just lift your hand while still keeping them on the strings, or use your palm.
are you lifting your left hand off the strings?, also i find it helpful just to put my palm on the strings like rebirah said pretty much

good song by the way
Lift up your fingers on your left hand slightly to mute the sound. The rest of it is just strumming technique.
well if your just a beginner it might, but it does take alot of practice to get your hands into it, just keep on practicing and it'll get easier