ok, so on my board i have my wah, distortion, etc and a chorus and phase shifter, but i have a rp60 from a while back that i threw on there for the flanger, delay and tuner. I wanna take off the she chorus and phaser to put a tubescreamer and digidelay, and so i thought i just use the chorus and phaser on the rp60 cause they sound pretty good, but i hate haveing ot click lik 5 tiems to get to the effect you want, but then i saw the line 6 mm-4 modulation modeler, and im running low on cash and the mm-4 is 250 bucks, is the mm-4 worth the money or should i stick w/ the rp60?????????
probably stick with the digitech. 250 is too much to fix a small annoyance.
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