I was wondering if it would be possible to use a Marshall AVT150 head and run that into a Vox AD50VT, using the Vox as a cab. I have the Vox right now and only have enough money for the AVT150 head.

Vox AD50VT

Marshall AVT150
Don't buy the AVT head, your Vox is FAR better than that, it'd be more of a downgrade to buy that. If you really need a head, get a used tube head. You can easilly get one for $700. You could use the vox as a cab and get a cab later. If not, get a tube combo. What kinda music are you into playing?
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I play death metal mainly and a little blues and classic rock stuff, but my band plays death metal so the VOX doesnt have a good enough distortion . Ive tried the AVT and like it.
What kinda volume did ya try it on? It get's shytier as the volume gets higher IMO.
I'd have to say used 5150, but that noise they call "metal" isn't really my area of expertise.
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Ya ill probaly try some other heads out also to see which I like more but im just wondering if its possible to use the VOX as a cab.
You can, but it's difficult, as I believe the speaker is hard wired directly to the amp. Meaning you'd have to do some modifications to it.
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Also since the AD50VT is only 50W and the AVT150HX is 150, would I have to keep the head at half volume so the speaker dosn't blow?
DON'T take the speaker jack on the head to the input of the Vox, lol. Depending on the wattage of the speaker, you may be able to use it. But I very much doubt it's more than 150w. I advise you to save more and get a cab too. I also advise against the AVT, however much you like the sound, for that price, theres better amps to be had.
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Just stick with the AD50VT. For the $700 you are going to spend, you could get a nice tube combo. Traynor YCV50 is about that price I think.