the guitarist for the mars volta..omar.. something..he says he hates playing the guitar. he says he feels like he was forced into it
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seriously..he is up there with jimi hendrix..he is a new guitar god.

no i wouldnt go that far
thats really weird, hes a great guitar player in my opinion. very very sweet band.
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...and the bassist comes up to the EQ and moves all the sliders into the typical smiley face pattern and in a really thick Jamaican accent said "you can't have de bass without de smiley face"
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Amputechture Is Orgasmic!!!!!

I saw em w/ the chili peppers and people threw bottles of piss at them. Then the lead singer said that he would pay someone 1k for whoever brings him the dudes head. Pretty orgasmic if u ask me. There pretty effin good live as well. Not quite RHCP but it was a good show.