I posted this song back in the beginning of August under the title Untitled (Power Metal). Well, I've remixed it a bit, changed some of the drums, and added what I think is a better solo to the song. For the people who've heard the original, tell me if its any better than it was. If you haven't, just tell me how you like it. Thanks!
Alright, here it is. Don't think you're a bad guitarist, because you'd shred the **** out of me, but I don't like it.

Of course, I don't like Dragonforce either, and I only listen to Maiden occasionally. The playing is very good, very technical, but it's a little too much like Dragonforce, I think.

Not that it's similar in content, but here's the deal. Dragonforce has tons and tons of technical talent, but their songwriting skills are shot to ****, so it's all wasted. I think it's the same case here. It's very repetitive, and it doesn't really have the "death's flame" feel. But I don't know, I think that about Maiden too. They have some of the coolest names for songs and albums around, but their music doesn't live up to it. It's good if you like that style, but otherwise...

So basically what this whole stupid post is trying to say is that I don't like it because of my personal tastes.

By all means, keep making music.
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