Whenever I try to play fast (fast is around 120 for me on the metronome ) , my pick starts slipping in. Utlimately it so happens that the pick is gone in and my fingers are touching the strings. This only happens if I try to play fast. Why is this happening? Am I not holding it right? Or am I holding it too soft?

I would really appreciate your response on this as I am quite frustrated and am not able to go over 120 on the metronome.

Where is the pick in your hand to start with? For speed, I hold it so that the tip is poking out less than half a centimetre. I find that to be the best. Other than that, keep a steady (but not overly tense) grip and you should be doing better.
It'll happen. Just practice holding the pick harder. Often when one picks fast he/she may begin to gradually lessen the tension on the pick. Dont crush the pick, just practice holding it tighter while playing fast. It'll go away.
when i play fast, i hold the pick with the side of my index finger and my thumb, it works for me... maybe something to try for yourself. other than that, just keep playing and it'll get better.
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You're tensing up.

Relax a bit man, just chill out and use your arm and wrist for speed picking. For me, when i speed pick it's barely touching the string.
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They have grooves so they don't slip. Fill one groove with super glue, let it dry, sand it smooth and you'll be set for life. I've been using the same pick since sept.9th last year.
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Hold the pick with the tip of your thumb, not the whole large pad of your thumb. When you push it against your index finger with the tip of your thumb, you get a stronger, more precise grip on it. If you use the entire upper portion of your thumb to hold it, you will be holding on to the whole top of the pick and you will have a weaker grip on it because it is less concentrated on one area. I also use Jim Dunlop picks, which have a textured top edge, so it helps get a better grip. I hope I helped.
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