ya my bad the link has been givin, and by the way i know the intro bit is pretty stupid/bad
it's pretty kick*ss. the intro doesnt sound stupid at all, it has almost an oldschool feeling to it. sort of maiden-ish and so is the second riff, which means, it kicks huge *ss
I'm lovin it, you should add some lyrics and it'd be an awesome song. (this is for the idea101 song). If its alright with you could you pm the tab to me.
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damn. you are ****ing amazing dude. Sorry for sounding rude earlier, ii dunno why i said it like that. Anyway you are ****ing amazing, how long have you been playing?
I've been playing for 3 years, ya now that i think about it the intro might not be too bad, i just thought it sounded too cheesy at first haha but thanks for teh great comments guys
Hey that was pretty cool. I didn't really like the intro, but the rest of it was pretty rockin'. Definitely beats what my roommate is listening to right now, lol.
Oh crap!