okay heres the thing, im 13 and get no allowance but i do get money for birthday and Christmas etc.....maybe getting $400 total for the whole year, including small things like cutting grass and chores..... so i was wondering where i could get a cheap, but good valued guitar. i have a crappy beginners set, an epoch les paul so help me out please, i have had no lessons and have been teaching myself....so help
Have a look at an Epiphone Les Paul or SG, or an OLP MusicMan1. The OLP is the cheapest at $200 and it's a great guitar(maple neck/fretboard and basswood body)
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You could try a Fender Standard Strat, they retail for about $369.
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Get a cheap Les Paul
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i have a i have a mexican strat and it is a pretty good guitar and it is around 400 it is a nice guitar for the price
I second the OLP idea, especially because of this particular model


or you could go for a cheap Ibanez with a fixed bridge if you dont like the floyd rose like this one.


Or just shop around/look around/ try whatever you like, and choose whatever's comfortable for you and sounds good to ya


Those are guitars in your range, remember you should get also a nice beginner amp...I'll let the other guys fill you in, but IMO Crate is a pretty good place to start.
for cheaper i had better luck staying away from the big name brands, les paul, fender, ect. the shop i go to has like "offbrands" that i found work just as good till i got better and had the big bucks for a better one
Agile makes a great guitar. Check them out at http://www.rondomusic.net. They sell a lot on ebay as well.

I have an Agile AL3000 and you really can't tell the difference between it and a $1500 Les Paul for less than 1/3 of the money.
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