I've been playing for about 4 years and I started getting into leads around last year. I started sweep-picking a short time after that but I still don't have a very good grasp at it. First off, I have have troubles getting my picking hand up to par with my fretting hand. I can play them fairly well, I just have troubles with picking them right because it seems like I'm holding the pick too hard because it's almost like Im picking every string individually(the pick gets hung up alot), but i get the same thing even when i'm holding the pick pretty loosely. Anyone else have this similar problem at some time?? Or have any suggestions? I also have troubles with this even when playing the sweeps slowly.

FYI: I'm only talkin about 3 string sweeps. I haven't been messing with the 4 or 5 string sweeps yet.

1. work with a metronome
2. warm up profusely and work ur speed up
3. if all else fails, put ur distortion on 11, with a metal zone pedal all the way full on gain...
dude i have that exact some problem so your not the only one...wish i knew how to help it....
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I have a friend at school taht had this problem and its because of the way he picks. It sounds like you are hitting the sttrings too hard. You just want to brush over them(e.g. sweep) in one continuous motion. Start of with 3 strings sweeping downward and get good until you try going back and forth.
Sweep picking is not easy to learn for most people (and for those lucky bastards who got it down 3 days, you are blessed), I'm still having trouble with 5 string sweeps and I've been working on it for 9 months now.

1. Work with a metronome (as stated above) and play it agonizingly slow then work your way up.
2. Work on your picking technique.
3. Watch some other people sweep pick, it'll help you see how it looks, as well as how it sounds.
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