my band's got a gig coming and we kneed one or two covers to fill up the set a bit, can i have some suggestions? I was thinking of either 20th century boy or suffragette city but considering suffraggette city more

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Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks
Another Girl, Another Planet - The Only Ones

I don't know, what style do you want to play?
umm my band has a show coming up
and we're doing some covers..

we're doing wave of mutilation by the pixies and we're trying to decide between sleepwalking by modest mouse and close to me by the cure.....

so idk what sort of style does you band play?
You're thinking Bowie and T-Rex?? Great choices. I like The Jean Genie or Ziggy Stardust but Suffragette City would be a good one.

20th Century Boy is a classic as well, so why don't you just go for the 2 you suggested, I'd watch a band playing those songs.
Play something some people will know but not something cliche.
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Night Like This - The Cure

Good live song.
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Night Like This - The Cure

Good live song.

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we are also considering Friday I'm Love by the cure cause the shows on a friday night ._. But we'll probably go with suffragette city and Tribute from the D ;_;
the heart is a risky fuel to burn