its pretty good stuff man

Edit : last singing part is hard to sing i know lol
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Great job, once again.

What guitar is that, waz?
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nicely played and sung. Although this is a terrible radio rock song.
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nice and your cover of mama im coming home is awsome. its nice to finally see someone who can sing around here

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I was blown away by all of your covers! Ur truly an excellent singer. Well...at least better than me
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lol jk we suck


It's official, you cannot make a bad cover. It's like an unwritten law of the universe...10/10, most definitely.
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Great job, once again.

What guitar is that, waz?

its my Acsoutic only HOHNER.....they dont make 'em no more.....hahaha...so I guess its a rare thign now.....my first and only aocsutic...have had it for 5 years now....its awesome.....perfect action..sweet sound and really smooth fretboard....!!!!....glad u liked teh video fellas...Keep rockin...!!....PEAC EOUT