hi i was thinking about getting one but i've heard alot that they sukc hardcore. so if anyone here agrees or disagrees tell me please. don't say they sukc just becasue you hate gibson please give a better reason like they are made of cheap wood or something

Ps. if i don't get it i want to get a kick a** ibanez so if you say it's a bad idea t oget the gibson could you point me in the right direction of ibanez. obviously i have enough to buy the gibson so you know my price range
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Save up a bit more and get a Standard...the dude from As I Lay Dying uses a Standard in Cherry Red with EMG 85's, so that might be the way to go. or maybe if you dont want a Standard save up for the classic and put 85's on it...if you're playing hardcore.
I played one the other day, i really wasn't a fan.
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first off i'm not into saveing up for another year for a les paul standard. i don't play guitar well enough yet to pay that much. second why weren't you a fan and third what is a good ibanez (just to compare)
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Usually not.
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So, do you want an Ibnz or a Gibson?

They're both very different, I'd play them both.
i want the gibson because it's a gibson and it's a les paul. but i hear bad stuff about the les paul studio so an ibanez is my second choice, but i don't know any good ibanez's and i was just wondering what people though of either
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It sounds to me that you do not know much about guitars and their different shapes, sizes, and styles. I suggest you go and try out a number of them.
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I think there pretty good... well my frist guitar was one i think Any Gisbon guitar ..is good ...but yeah if you want save you more money for a better one but you want a new guitar ...go for an Epiphone Les Paul Jr. $399(this price is from Will's music in Ky,louisville) ...and its sounds great...plays well... but i'd save for a Gibson classic or something like that ....BIG price ..but worth it ..in most cases
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oh no don't interpret this as i don't know much about guitar's different shapes and sounds. i'vplayed many guitars (never a grestch, not yet) this is a question of economics really (mostly) becasue i don't want to spend money on an inferior made guitar and i heard that the Gibson LP Studios were inferiorly made.

on another not what is a good ibanez (don't say play it) i would like the name so i can look it up on the net
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mine didnt suck but I felt as though I could have gotten a same quality axe with better finishes from different companies like the LTD EC1000
i play one and i love, the only thing that i don't like is that its built more fragiley than the standards so small parts are easier to bust, but no biggy
I haven't played a regular studio, so I can't really comment on it, but I have played the Vintage Mahogany Studio and it was great. They go for ~$800, and I honestly preferred it to Les Paul Standards and Classics. If regular Studios are of similar quality, I'd say go for it.
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Play it first, A gibson les paul studio is my main axe and i love it to death. The thing is gibson has quality control issues so some of their guitars will play great and some will play like crap. Someone mentioned that you sound like you dont know much about guitars and if thats true, it might be hard to tell the difference between a gibson that plays great and a gibson that plays like crap. Try a bunch for yourself, the people who say they suck are idiots who play squiers or played ones that were just crap
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Get tokai, my mate paid £550 for a gibson les paul studio and i paid £400 for my tokai. Mine has better tone sustaine and looks well better (got a quilt top finish).
i dont know what you think,but dont get a gibson just because its a gibson,or an ibanez either,
you have a wide range of quality guitars in many brands,go out there and test them,see which one feels and plays best for you,dont just go there and pick a gibson!
I played one (wine red w/gold hardware) and it played really good. They don't suck, they are STILL Gibsons. People may say they suck because they are cheaper and don't have certain features. The only difference I noticed is that it has no binding compared to the standard, and the finish isn't as excellent as the standard. The cosmetics, like mentioned cost alot more for whatever reason. Maybe the wiring isn't as good, electronics etc, but rest assure-it's an amazing guitar.But I've got an epi lp std, and I'm honest when I say there isn't a HUGE difference between that and the gib studio. < Yes, I said huge.
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Studios are IDENTICAL to Standards except:
-No flame maple top (no change in tone)
-No BurstBucker pickups (pickups are replace-able for a lot less than the price jump to a Standard)

That's it.

Oh, by the way- you need a new amp before you spend Gibson money on ANY guitar.
Ya i Definately agree with Danno. you really need a new amp

With that cash you could get a PEAVEY JSX (MY Favourite) and youl have to wait and save more to get a nice cab. Then you will see a good sound difference.

You can get lots of other things to (other amps etc) but If you are yeally bored with your guitar then. I dont like Gibson LP cause they dont have great upper fret access. I would rather get an ibanez S Prestige Or RG prestige.

But thats my opinion.

I say go try the LP out
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As far as Ibanez goes :

Jem - series Any except the JEM555 or the JEM Jr., those two suck major ass.
The jem series (especially Vai's white guitar with he vine inlays, forgot the model, JEM7 something) kicks major ass, they have strong tremolos with great range scallopped smaller frets (beyond the 19th only, iirc) and a neck from heaven.

RG Prestige series : Anything here is good, make sure you're getting an original Edge , or Edge pro.. Great guitars, i currently own a low-end RG and i love it, i tried Jax dinky's and Kelly's.. But the action on this baby is heavenly..

That's all mainly because i play metal tho, my brother's getting an S-series Ibanez, which i've tried and the only thing i didn't like about it was the lack of 23rd and 24th frets..
Yes get a new amp before a guitar. Also, it's stratOcaster. . . .

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