Most likely, there's a thread about the body types here; I just didn't want to search. xD

But I'm purchasing my first guitar in a few days. Right now I have a dreadnought, but it sucks.

I just needed to know what the sound difference was between dreadnought and other body types (folk, in my case).

Eenie meenie minee moe:
  • $200 Epiphone Dreadnought Steel
  • $189 Folk Body Steel (Generic Brand)

Someone please explain to me the pros and cons of each, please?
You'd be better asking in the Acoustic & Classical forum
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folk body (havent heard that term but i assume you mean a smaller bodied guitar) wont sound as big, will have less bass response and will be quieter, Dreadnaughts are more fullsounding with bigger bas response and IMO sound more balanced, they are also louder.
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