The Who are coming near me, and the Pretenders are coming with them. What 'Pretenders albums should I check out?
I haven't heard much by them, but their debut is meant to be amazing. Isn't there a soul group from the 60s also called the Pretenders? Maybe not though..
The only "Pretenders" that I'm aware of is the 70's band lead by Chrissy Hinds. (Possibile SP of her name).
I had never really heard much of The Pretenders until I saw them open for The Who a while ago. Chrissie Hynde might have been in her 50s when I saw her, but when she sang and played her Telecaster to me... Mmmmmmmmm

But anyways, I now quite like the Pretenders. James Honeyman Scott was a heck of a guitarist as well. Anyone else care for them?
Please don't confront me with my failures. I had not forgotten them.
Their first commercially successful album which I think was called 'The Pretenders' is the only album really worth listening to, the Album has tracks like Stop your Sobbing, Kid and Private Life (later covered by Grace Jones) after the death of James Honeyman Scott IMHO they became to 'POP'
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