okay my tone sucks. first thing i might as well clean up is my distortion. my amps distortion is okay, but i dont like to use it. i have a boss ds1 and i hate it good thing i got it for free. i want something with a thicker crunchier sound to it. i heard the ds2 is like it. if so ill just find a schem and build one of them and just add a switch to disable the tone pot. but if anyone knows anything along of the sound i want can you give me a schem?
i may not climb the social ladder...
but i do climb the school yard fence.
it would be my first pedal build, but i i feel confident enough doing it. first time i riped open my squire i was way under experienced but that just made me pull through it and work harder to do a good job. and i dont necessarily want to do a ds2. i want sometthing thats along the tone i want.
i may not climb the social ladder...
but i do climb the school yard fence.
okay heres the best i can describe what i want in words. i want a think, crunchy warm sounding distortion. something thatll sound good with a lot of chord work.
i may not climb the social ladder...
but i do climb the school yard fence.
boss ds-1 good for 1st build... and marshall tone perhaps.
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i already have a boss ds1. i dont like it. i dont really care that this is my first build. i just want to build a pedal that goes along with the tone that i want. so km-r are you suggesting i should try to a mashall distortion pedal? any specific schems?
i may not climb the social ladder...
but i do climb the school yard fence.
search for kerry's (call1800ksmyazz) bluesbreaker build and have a listen to that, also, theres the may queen 2 from www.runoffgroove.com which with a couple of mods ive planned would be a really nice distortion. and i think it uses Jfets (i havent looked at it in a while) which clip really nicely for the distortion.

EDIT: http://www.runoffgroove.com/salvo.html there ya go, check top left one. It's fixed gain, but theres mods to make it variable gain etc.
theres a nice list there that has a bunch of distortion pedals. there are a couple easy ones and most of the rest are intermediate. some have clips you can listen to. others are based on real pedals so you can see what the reas thing sounds like.

more options for distortion, and most of these have sound clips if i remember correctly. i think i like this site more as it has more things to look at layout wise (schematic and wiring diagram). check out the sounds of a few and see what you like. i would suggest doing something simple first, just to get the idea of what its like, but if would rather dive in and learn like that then just pick the one you like most and go at it.