i improv most if not all of my solo's. and thats also how i write riffs/ solos, by first improvising, and then choosing to use that or w.e

do as Steve said.
Well first you want to start off with the root note. Then if you want to play something like along the lines of metal for a solo just use the Pentanoic Blues Scale. Then you have to figure out what kind of mode it is going to be in like Locrian or whatever. This should make it alot easier on playing a solo. Of course that's just the tip of the iceberg and I'm not very knowledgeable on theory. There should be a thread on composing basslines/other licks and solos though that should be stickied or something.
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Yea, it looked like pentatonic scales he used in the video, but its basically just like the video i want, sort of bass solo to start off For Whom The Bell Tolls but ill see what i can come up with

if my improvising starts to fail, i sometimes learn guitar solos on bass

really helps you map out your bass better
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IMO it sounded a lot like the intro of N.I.B, which wouldnt be odd cause Trujillo used to play with Ozzy, so maybe try and learn that solo/intro piece and take it from there.
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^not really, but ur POV.

for somethign like that you'd basically start off with a root note, generally this would be the key ur in, then just go along the scale.

so for example, ur in key of Am, start off on A (5th fret E string) and go up and down the Am scale, and mid way through he jumps up and octave i believe and plays around there.
I like the d major scale. Its where i start a lot of my solos in. Then i just kinda improv till i feel im done. I only usually solo inbetween songs during shows. Otherwise i just riff along.
the bass solo is Rammstein's "Asche Zu Asche" shows how a fairly simple riff can be a nice and catchy solo.
learn your keys, then practice playing them by roots, thirds, and fifths. see you back here in about 6 months............
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learn your keys, then practice playing them by roots, thirds, and fifths. see you back here in about 6 months............

+ 1.

Also, you need to know your inversions, triads etc. and also you should know at least all the common chord progressions. it helps to have a good grasp of harmonics, which can add a great sound to solo's. Also, you should be able to construct chords and KNOW YOUR FRETBOARD INSIDE OUT.